Irie & Company

On arrival at Irie & Co. you’d be forgiven for walking directly past its charming, subtle front and wandering into the depths of the Lace Market.

Entering into Nottingham’s newest Caribbean venue, through the leafy archway away from the howling winds outside, you are teleported into a warm and cosy room full of atmosphere, people and chatter accompanied with smells from far-flung destinations. We were greeted by Tiffany and a beaming smile which made us feel immediately welcome and ready to try some of her family’s delicious food.

Tiffany gave us the full run down of the menu but as we were complete beginners in Caribbean food, pointed towards a classic – Jerk pork (wrapped in a foil parcel), with dumplings, ‘slaw and a side of fries. The family recipe jerk sauce comes highly recommended too and went superbly well adding a jamboree of flavours to the already flavoursome dish. To drink we tried some homemade rum punch which leaves you longing for the summer and warmer climates!

The décor inside makes Irie & Co. unique. A dimly-lit room with spot lights over the tables makes it feel like a very intimate restaurant Any music fan will be drawn to the eye-catching display of record sleeves and vinyls Tiffany’s familyused to listen to when she was growing up, which gives the restaurant a trendy feel with the friendly warmth of a your living room.

This is a new independent venue which will add another string to the bow of Nottingham’s excellent dining scene and give people another option for high quality Caribbean food. What we were most impressed with was the energy put in from the staff to provide us with such a positive experience with great service and tasty food.

Irie & Co. are offering all Nottingham Indie cardholders 20% off the final bill Tues-Thurs. To purchase a card and gain get access to this deal go to

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