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Buy your Nottingham Independent card now to enjoy an entire years worth of discounts and offers at many of the city's finest independent retailers.


You will be able to find full listings of each of the Nottingham Indie-associated retailers on our INDEPENDENTS page along with the discounts and offers available at each one.

Simply show the retailer your Nottingham Indie Card upon purchase to receive the discount specified on our website.

Please read full terms and conditions before purchasing your Nottingham Indie Card.

For every card sold, we will be donating £1 to a friend of Nottingham Indie currently fighting cancer - Lee, who is one part of Nottingham-based music producers Elementz.


The aim is to raise enough money for Lee to have lifesaving treatment. To find out more about his story, the charity or to make a donation click the icon below which will take you through to his Go Fund Me page.

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