Squeaky Beaver Poutine brings a taste of Canada straight to Nottingham’s doorstep with their authentic poutine. A traditional Canadian dish made fromthe finest Lincolnshire MarisPiper potatoes, covered in a homemade vegetable gravy and squeaky cheese curds,with an array of additional toppings to choose from.

Founded by Neil, an experienced hospitality worker and former New York restaurant manager, who discovered poutine during a weekend trip to Canada. During his time in the states, Neil would make regular trips over to Toronto, where poutine can be found on every corner.

On his return to the UK, Neil got involved in managing street events before feeling inspired by vendors to start his own street food business. It was with that, that Squeaky Beaver Poutine was born. Drawing inspiration for the name from the reputation of the cheese and the Canadian national animal, it was a little over a year ago, that the business embarked on its venture.

Starting off in Six Barrel Drafthouse, Neil continued to grow the business and in July 2018, invest in a mobilevehicle and put Squeaky Beaver Poutine on wheels. Since then, he now attends local markets, street foodevents and has a regular spot at Station Street on a Thursday. He still remains loyal to Six Barrel Drafthouse and can be found there every Friday and Saturday

Nottingham is already home to an amazing variety of foods from different cultures and poutine adds to that. Transporting residents to Canada through one mouthful, Neil promises customers a truly authentic, mouth-watering dish.

With Nottingham Indie, members can get 10% off Thursday-Saturday. You can find them over on Instagram @squeakybeaverpoutine.


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